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Hello everyone! I'm going to update my images, and I may delete some old images! 

I apologize if an image you like is deleted.
I'm bored, so bored. 

I wish for the inspiration I once had.

I wish for the love of writing and drawing I once had.

If you can help me I would be so grateful...
Me! That's right. I finally got Wi-Fi back to my PC! :bounce:

I will however be focusing on getting core membership again so I can make my extremely blank page pretty again.

Once I've done that, expect me here everyday without fail!

While I've been gone a lot has happened. I've had a boyfriend dump me without even saying anything and thinking I'd be okay if he went back with his wife :(

BUT on the brighter note, the much much brighter note,  I've got myself a new boyfriend and he's such a sweety~

We've been dating for only 3 months and he proposed! So we're now engaged.. And we're coming up to our 8 month anniversary~

I'm roleplay ready and raring to go. I've so many ideas my head might explode! D:

I hope I can find all you guys that made me so happy here again, and I hope we'll talk again soon!

I miss all of you! Especially;
neigmaMuffledScreaming, Avorie-san, and so much more~
Pokemon X, Y, Alpha and Omega needed

Hey guys. I'm in need of a few legendaries. I know they're hard, they're legendary, but I'm willing to trade a few shiny pokemon to you for them. I cannot give you shiny legends but I can give you any shiny pokemon from Lantos to Unova, even give you two for a difficult one.

Please Help fellow Pokemoners

My friend code; 4485-1009-3757

Thank you! Please comment below!
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Hello everyone! I'm going to update my images, and I may delete some old images! 

I apologize if an image you like is deleted.


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Uveria Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
How often do you think you'll be on? Or do you know? Just wondering so I won't be spamming you while you're at work or something lol
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WolfShadowStorm Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2016
Cute icon
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xX-Paradise-Lost-Xx Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2016  Student Filmographer
I seen your post looking for Poke'mon.
I have the following.
Shiny Thundurus.
Shiny Japanese Kyogre.
Shiny Shaymin.
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Uveria Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I see you haven't been very active with much comments and stuff lately. Quite a shame. I bet a lot of people really wanna talk to you, Fishy.
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Jasperinity Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2015
Happy birthday! :D
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