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January 22
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The Zodiac Brothers Profiles

Wed Jan 22, 2014, 6:43 AM by TheOneAndOnly-K:icontheoneandonly-k:

The Zodiac Brothers Profiles; 004

Name: Genji Futagoza Zodiac
    (Gen-Jee Foot-Go-Za)
Nickname: Gemini 2, Genki, Pinky
D.O.B: 12 June (Mid-Summer)
Age: 24
P.O.B: Tokyo, Japan
Species: Human Hybrid
Language: Japanese, English (Main 2)
  • Araki Zodiac
  • Tarou Zodiac
  • Tara Zodiac
  • Genki Zodiac
  • Chikato Zodiac
  • Riku Zodiac
  • Osamu Zodiac
  • Yuusuke Zodiac
  • Seiichi Zodiac
  • Saaya Zodiac
  • Satanori Zodiac
  • Chikao Zodiac
  • Akiya Zodiac
  • Uchuu Zodiac
  • Uchito Zodiac
  • Joseph Stevens
  • Patrica Stevens (♥)
  • Rikana Yuujin
  • Katsuki Kyohaku
  • Denatsu Purazuma - Spirit of Electricity
  • Iyashino Jundo (Pure) - Fairy of Healing

Height: 5' 8" (176.8 cm)
Weight: 150 lbs (68 kg)
Hair Color/Style/Length: Purple/Braided to Side/Medium (Naturally: Pink)
Eye Color: Yellow
Pupil Style: Human
D. Physic: Slim. His arguments prevent him from eating as much as Tarou
Typical Attire: Classical attire; White and silver ruffled shirts and tall boots, puffy pants

Personality: Chatty, Clever, Charming
Traits: Gentleman, Emotional, Talkative
Skills: Able to charm many ladies to do his bidding
F. Color: Black
F. Letter: M
F. Number: The Higher The Number
F. Food: Olives
F. Drink: Port
F. Flavor: Sweet
F. Animal: Horse
F. Day of the Week: Thursday
F. Season: Summer
F. Song: Run To You - Pentatonix
Dislikes: Childish Foods
Goals: To get Genki to understand he hates attention
Strengths: Good memory, Intelligent
Weakness: Genki, Bluffer
Fears: Everything will stay the same
Hobbies: Arguing with Genki
Fetishes: Touching to his hands, People who listen to him and give him attention
Oddities: He argues with Genki everyday yet if one thing breaks, they fight together
A Strong Memory: Genki ignoring him
Sexual Preference: Unknown

Education: Western High School and College
Home Address: Zodiakku Drive, Zodiakku Manor
Occupation: Student

Other Trivia:
  • Genji has the Gemini sign burnt under his right eye while Genki has it on the left
  • Genki and Genji often perform 'Yaoi' moments in the morning
  • He really likes Patty, but doesn't want to break Genki's heart dating her
  • They share the same mother as Osamu

Skin by SimplySilent
        Profile 004
Genji Futagoza Zodiac
Cooliberta Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Hahaha, a good hobby you're having there!XDDD
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