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January 22
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The Zodiac Brothers Profiles

Wed Jan 22, 2014, 6:43 AM by TheOneAndOnly-K:icontheoneandonly-k:

The Zodiac Brothers Profiles; 010

Name: Satanori Iteza Zodiac
    (Sat-A-No-Rhi I-Tea-Za)
Nickname: Sagittarius, Dare-Devil
D.O.B: 18 December (Early Winter)
Age: 18
P.O.B: Tokyo, Japan
Species: Human Hybrid
Language: Japanese, English (Main 2)
  • Araki Zodiac
  • Tarou Zodiac
  • Tara Zodiac
  • Genki Zodiac
  • Genji Zodiac
  • Chikato Zodiac
  • Riku Zodiac
  • Osamu Zodiac
  • Yuusuke Zodiac
  • Seiichi Zodiac
  • Saaya Zodiac
  • Chikao Zodiac
  • Akiya Zodiac
  • Uchuu Zodiac
  • Uchito Zodiac
  • Joseph Stevens 
  • Patrica Stevens 
  • Rikana Yuujin 
  • Katsuki Kyohaku
  • Yonata Mizu - Spirit of Waters of the Ocean
  • Iyashino Jundo (Pure) - Fairy of Healing

Height: 6' 3" (192.0 cm)
Weight: 150 lbs (68 kg)
Hair Color/Style/Length: Blue/Out/Long
Eye Color: Violet
Pupil Style: Human
D. Physic: Skinny, but fit
Typical Attire: Baggy jumpers, baggy jeans, sneakers

Personality: Daring, Challenging, A handful
Traits: Subtle as a brick, Honest
Skills: Able to make EVERYTHING extreme
F. Color: Red
F. Letter: D
F. Number: 15
F. Food: Jaffa Cakes
F. Drink: Mountain Dew
F. Flavor: Sweet
F. Animal: Rats
F. Day of the Week: Saturday
F. Season: Summer
F. Song: Valentine - Pentatonix
Dislikes: Boring people, Non-Drinkers
Goals: To get every world record
Strengths: Singing, Fear-Free
Weakness: Needles, Strip-Chess
Fears: Needles
Hobbies: Bungee jumping
Fetishes: Touching to his thighs, Adventurous souls
Oddities: He is always seen with a harness whenever they're on a building, bridge, ect
A Strong Memory: Losing Yuusuke when young and finding him when older
Sexual Preference: Unknown

Education: Western High School and College
Home Address: Zodiakku Drive, Zodiakku Manor
Occupation: Student

Other Trivia:
  • Satanori has the sign of the Sagittarius burnt on his lower left leg
  • Satanori has a fear of needles, so uses the excuse 'he's too brave to get sick'
  • Satanori is very emotional and fearful, though hides it
  • Satanori to this day feels guilty leaving Yuusuke

Skin by SimplySilent
        Profile 010
Satanori Iteza Zodiac
Cooliberta Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Hehe, yes, needles can be pretty terrifing!:iconeheheplz:
TheOneAndOnly-K Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Satanori: *red, smiles*
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